SMOKEY MAGIC Version 2 – Complete Kit

Smokey Magic v2 is a fully self-contained real workers smoke device which has been designed and constructed with durability, reliability and safety in mind. It employs an electronic cigarette to produce smoke, is environmentally friendly and can therefore be used in most public places without infringing any laws. It can even be carried on an aircraft.

The kit contains one green smoke electronic cigarette, which will serve your Smokey Magic needs for the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes’ worth of smoke. Thereafter simply purchase an electronic cigarette from a supplier near you.

The device has no wires, no pump, no switches – virtually nothing to go wrong!


Softer squeeze bottle/pouch

Made from a slightly softer plastic, but still maintaining the flexibility and memory of the original squeeze bottle. It offers the luxury of an easier squeeze, but one does need to be careful not to have accidental productions of smoke. With a little use, you will get used to it and become sensitive to its softer feel. Price $25.00 including worldwide postage


White wristband

For people who wear a white shirt, this is ideal with less chance of it being noticed under your shirt sleeve. Price $20.00 including worldwide postage


  • No chemicals
  • Safe & easy to use
  • Totally silent system
  • Includes wristband
  • Suitable for air travel
  • Includes instructional DVD
  • Inexpensive to operate


Quoted from the Wizard Magic review on 26 March 2014:

“I feel more in control of the smoke and of how dense it is. I find it a little more reliable and am more connected to the moment of smoke. You get more smoke, quicker.”

David Penn